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How Parents Can Use Technology To Keep Kids Safe On Halloween

As a parent you have your work cut out for you during Halloween. The most important task you have is ensuring your child’s safety during trick-or-treating night. Trick or treating is normally a harmless expedition, but there can be some risks. Sometimes tweens and teens do bad things and some of it could be from the anonymity created by costumes and masks. You can rest assured Michael Myers isn't roaming the streets, but there is no denying you should always take extra caution and technology can help. Here are some apps and devices to help protect your child and your family during Halloween.

1. Apple Air Tags and Samsung SmartTags. These devices have gotten a lot of negative press lately because of criminals and abusers using them to track their victims, but when used right these devices can actually keep your little trick-or-treaters safe when they are out and about. You just need to place these devices on your child and you can use Apple and Samsung's location services to know where they are at all times.