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Beware! Ransomware Attacks Are Making a Comeback

Folks, I have to tell you one of the most devastating virus attacks that you can experience is ransomware. Why is ransomware so deadly? Well, just imagine if someone stole your devices and you had not had a chance to make a backup of your information. All of your personal documents, photos, emails and photos gone forever with no chance of recovery. Ransomware wasn't as dominant in 2018, but this year it's reared it's ugly head affecting large businesses such as The Weather Channel, Arizona Beverages, and the City of Albany, NY. It doesn't matter what type of device you use (yes, Macintosh users, I'm talking to you) you are at risk. What can you do? Well read on to find out what Ransomware is and how to protect your devices and precious information.

So what exactly is Ransomware?

Well Ransomware is a type of malicious software that prevents you from accessing your computer, smart device or files and demands you pay a ransom or a fee to regain access. Once your device is infected with ransomware, you are given instructions to pay with cryptocurrency or your credit card. The most common types of Ransomware will either lock up your devices making you call a 800 number to remove the ransom. Sometimes a simple reboot of your device will remove the ransomware, allowing you access to your computer, smartphone or tablet again. Another common type of ransomware will lockup all of your documents, photos, and videos and display a message demanding payment for access to your files. This strain of ransomware is so malicious, not only will it lock up the files on the gateway computer,