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How You Can File Your Personal Taxes Online for Free

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Tax time is in full swing! I'm sure you may not agree with all of the tips I share for computers and smart devices, but I know there's one thing all of us can agree on, filing our personal and business taxes is probably one of the most tedious things you have to do every year. You could always hire a tax professional to do your taxes, but not everyone needs to do this. If you have a simple tax return to file, there are several places that will allow you to do it for free ... provided you qualify. Want to see if you can file your taxes for free? Check out the following places.

1. Turbo Tax. Many of you have probably purchased TurboTax to do your taxes, but they also have a free version of their online software.

2. TaxAct. Like Turbo Tax, you can file your federal and state taxes for free. TaxAct lets you import your previous files from other tax software free of charge.