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6 Best Video Conference Tools To Communicate with Employees, Customers, and Family

Everyone across the nation is working from home and to alleviate that feeling of isolation we are all relying on video conference. With this wonderful piece of technology, we can check in with our teammates, consult with our customers, communicate with our family and have virtual happy hours with our colleagues. Before you jump on the video conference and start using a particular piece of software, there are some things you need to take in to consideration like what is the best software application for you and what things you need to have in place before you use video chat. Follow my tips to find out what things you need to have in place.

How fast are you surfing the web?

Before you even begin to think about streaming video, you need to get a good idea of how fast your internet is at home with your land-based Internet and your cellular provider. Get in contact with your Internet provider to find out what your plan is and if you're getting unlimited Internet, especially if you're wanting to stream video from your smartphone. Why? Video uses a LOT of data and if you&#