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How to Save Data on Your Mobile Plan

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

It would be nice if all cellular providers automatically provided unlimited data plans when you signed up for their services with many of us relying more and more on Internet-based content. Also, if you're in an area where land-based Internet service is poor, using mobile data is your only access to fast, reliable Internet. Unfortunately, unlimited data is an expensive option that may not be part of your household or business budget which means most of you have a limit on how much mobile data you can use per month. If you're looking for ways to use less data on your iPhone, Android, or mobile hotspot, use these tips that will help you save money and prevent you from exceeding your monthly limit.

1. Understand how your phone and hotspot use data. Most of you don't understand what exactly mobile data is. It's important to understand that mobile 'data' is when you access anything that is on the Internet. When you look up web sites, get on social media, listen to music streaming sites, and watch video streaming sites, you are using your mobile data. Not all sites use the same amount of data. Looking at web sites or scrolling on your social media pages doesn't use much of your data, however those videos and steaming apps can burn through your data very quickly. Also, gaming sites use a large amount of data. If you have a limited data plan and you want to stream music or videos, your best bet is to connect to a land-based WiFi network such as the Internet at friends' houses or at your place if it's allowed. You can also connect the public Wi-Fi networks in your area to conserve data, but make sure you don't go to sensitive web sites such as banking when you're connected to a public network.