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4 Steps to Help You Protect Your Smart Devices from the Dangers of Summer

The summer months are probably some of the best months out of the year. I know I am constantly looking for ways to fill my free time with outdoor festivals, cookouts, days at the beach or the pool, day trips and full blown vacations. I'm sure you're not aware that the summer months are also a dangerous time for your smart devices. Our devices go everywhere with us and in all of our summer activities, there's an increased chance that something catastrophic will happen to our smartphone and laptops. I don't want to freak you out and make you stay indoors this summer, that's why I am going to share some tips to help your phone and other devices avoid the summertime blues.

1. Heat is the #1 Enemy of Your Devices. I hope by now you realize smartphones and tablets are basically mini computers. Like computers, parts such as the CPU and other crucial chips don’t work well when they get hot. When they do over heat, it can shorten the life of the device and even permanently ruin them. Computers and video game consoles have built-in fans to keep these devices cool, but smartphones don’t have fans. In most situations, if your devices become overheated, you will get a warning on the screen of the device. When you get a warning, turn your phone or tablet off immediately. Avoid using your devices in direct sunlight. If possible, use them only in shaded areas. Also, never leave your smartphone, laptop or tablet in a hot car ... unless you're looking for an excuse to have to purch