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How To Find Out Why Your Brand New Desktop or Laptop Computer Is Slow

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

You go out to purchase a new computer because your old computer is running slower than it used to. You think everything will be faster and easier once you get that new computer home, but you notice that your desktop or laptop computer lagging. I know there is a group of you who would make the statement 'You should have purchased a Mac', but in reality, most of you focus on price rather than system specifications when getting a new computer. Most people who purchase Mac don't have to worry about system specifications, but purchasers of Windows computers do need to keep an eye out for the right configuration. So if you're wondering why that new shiny computer is running slow, it's probably one of these reasons.

Before I list out the reasons why that new computer is running slow, I need to share that Macintosh and Windows computers are essentially the same on the inside. I'm sure all of the parts on the inside of both computers come from the same factories in Taiwan. Apple makes a point to make sure they make their computer top of the line. This makes purchasing a Mac easy as all you have to worry about is what size screen you need or if you want a desktop or a laptop. Windows computers work as well as Macs, but they are usually designed for different price points to appeal to users from all economic backgrounds. The problem with this is that lower price Windows computers you purchase might not handle your high tech needs. Regardless, Windo