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Does Your Phone or Tablet Have a Virus? 5 Steps To Help You Keep Your Device Safe

Let’s face it, large-scale virus threats are everyday problems. While it used to be true that smartphone and tablets never got viruses and malware, they are major targets to hackers because of the important information we store on them. How many of you use your smart devices to access banking and other financially sensitive data? I know I do. You can’t use your desktop, laptop, or your smart device without worrying about viruses crawling into your devices and infecting your screen. With threats changing everyday, it’s hard to tell what alerts real or which ones are designed to scam you out of money. banking, and apps. The simple truth is viruses don’t announce themselves on your device if they are infected. Those annoying alerts that pop up on your phone are usually hoaxes designed to steal your money. How can you tell if your phone or tablet is infected? Make sure your device isn’t doing the following things: