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4 Rules for Your Kids Summer Technology Usage

Ahh! Its summer time. The kids are out of school and they need things to do. In your mind you're thinking this means trips to the park, camping out and having them running loose through your neighborhood. The truth is more children will spend more time in front of a screen than playing outside. It's sad to think that outdoor activities could be a thing of the past as more tween and teens rely on electronic devices such as TVs, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles as entertainment. Want to make a change from those bad habits? The best way to encourage your tween and teen to make the most of their summer is to establish expectations and rules for summer internet usage.

1. Let them know your expectations for technology use. Let your kids know what to expect regarding internet and social media usage for the summer months. This is the time to set hours for technology use. A good limit for screen time during the summer is two hours a day. Also establish 'no tech zones' where there is to be no Internet usage such as in their bedrooms or at the dinner table.

2. Plan more fun alternatives to technology. One of the best ways to curb your child's internet usage over summer break is to create some real world alternatives. If your child is spending time at day cam