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5 Ways to Organize Those Ugly Cables and Cords

Whether it's for your entertainment system or your computer and home network, cables and cords can create a mess very easily. No matter how neatly you tuck them in, they will always find a way to get messed up. I even struggle with what to do with all of those cords for all of my tech devices. What can you do? I've come up with some great tips on how to clean up those troublesome cables.

1. Hide those Cords. Although using foam pipe insulation or a cardboard roll is an easy way to hide the cables, it won't technically stop them from being tangled. Well, at least you won't have to look at it. A foam pipe liner can be sliced down its length for easy cable entrance/exit. A PVC pipe with a little DIY work can be a great cable holder that doesn't stick out too much from room decorations.

2. Binder Clips are Your Friends. A well-placed binder clip can do wonders for organization purposes. Strategically clip cords to the back of your desk or to a support leg can ensure they don't go haywire.

3. Use a Piece of Pegboard. Using zip ties or cable wire, mount your cords and external devices to a peg board. This will ensure a nice clean location for all your cords to meet. There are plenty of examples of this being pulled off expertly.

4. Create a Charging Station. Color coded cable ties. Simply using a different color for different types of devices when you tie them apart can also come in handy when you eventually need to separate them. Even if you are just throwing all your cords into the same drawer for storage, wrap them and throw a colored or labeled piece of tape around it.

5. Go Wireless When You Can. There are a number of cordless options for a number of devices these days, although it can't be recommended at all times. But if it's something that you can go cordless without shelling out a large amount of money or transfer speed, then go ahead and make that change.

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