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4 Tips to Protect Your Data During Storm Season

Hey Everyone!

It's that special time of year when the threat of fire, flood, severe storms, water damage and even theft are very real. This is why ensuring your home and business technology is protected and critical data is backed up in the case of power loss, system damage or major technology failure. To help you protect your stuff, I'm providing a few simple tips to keep your tech safe and secure.

1. Off Site Storage. Backing up your data at an offsite location with cloud service is a must. While regularly backing up your data is crucial, many of you only backup your files and keep those backups in your home or office. If your technology fails or your computer, smartphone or tablets are stolen, you'll quickly find yourself helpless. The easiest solution for this is having a backup system in place that will store your information at another location. I highly recommend using Carbonite Off-Site Backup (